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Patent CEO is dedicated to obtaining patents for our clientele so that they can shield their precious inventions and ideas from competitors.  Our Miami patent attorneys and patent agents (in Orlando and Miami) will guide you through the complex US patent system until you are given all the patent coverage your ideas merit under the law.  Once obtained a patent can be a great defensive measure that miami patent attorneyprevents others from infringing your rights over broad swaths of technology.

In our modern era, intellectual property (IP) is the driving force behind economic growth.  Novel IP routinely creates fortunes overnight and brings improvement in the lives of millions and even billions of people.  Some can even cause dramatic shifts in global power that can be directly traced to the changing technological landscape.


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We work on a variety of different technologies from the simple to the complex.

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Our team.

Provides quality patent application filing in the USA and many countries through the PCT Treaty.
Phillip Vales

General Manager ~ Former Patent Examiner

Steve Aycock, Esq.
Steven Aycock

Patent Attorney ~ Aerospace & Defense

Dr. Ralph Warmack, Phd.
Dr. Ralph Warmack, Phd.

Patent Agent ~ Former IBM Engineer


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Patents :: General

Patents are government grants that secure the owner a monopoly on the property defined in the patent for a specific time period.  During this time period the owner of the patent has the right to exclude others from making, using, or selling the invention.  Several types of patents exist including:  utility, design, and plant patents.  We typically work in the area of utility and design patents.  Additionally, utility applications can be further subdivided into non-provisional and provisional patent applications.


Legal Hurdles

Once the application has been filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the examiner will analyze all aspects of the application for form and content in order to ensure that all laws and regulations are appropriately followed.  When determining patentability, the examiner will vet the application in order to discern if the concept is 1) useful; 2) novel and 3) non-obvious.

The usefulness of a particular concept is almost always a given as you would not be filing the application if it did not have some use.  The novelty of the item is resolved if there is something identical already in existence.  The final test of non-obviousness is a determination made by the examiner that one of ordinary skill in the art would not have made this idea in light of pre-existing concepts.

Utility Patents

Utility Patents

Utility patents are patents granted on any new machine, process, article of manufacture, chemical composition or method.  Typical examples are the internal combustion engine, brakes, cellphones, software, bikes, shoes, fishing, boating products, shoes, home goods, recipes and so forth.  

Provisional v. Non-Provisional

There are two types of applications available with the Utility Patent, these are namely, the provisional and the non-provisional patent application.  The provisional patent application is a one (1) year application that in and of itself does not mature to a patent,  But what it does is set a marker for funding reasons, further testing of the invention and similar issues in startups.  Before the year is completed, you must file a co-pending non-provisional application, which is the type that actually matures to a patent, or else you lose the benefit of the provisional application.

Design Patents

Design Patents

One of the main differences between design patents and utility patents is that a design patent only protects the appearance or “ornamental design” of the item; thus, the operational concept, per se, is not protected in a design patent.  If you have functional or structural  aspects beyond the physical appearance of an item that you wish to protect please consider filing a utility patent.

Deign patents have a lifetime of fifteen (15) years as opposed to utility patents which last for up to twenty (20) years.


Patent Application
Pricing Table

All prices are subject to the specifics of your application, government fees, and draftsman's fees. By providing us with more information regarding the specifics of your invention we can provide a fixed price quote and expected delivery date of your patent application.
Design $3.5k
Utility Simple $6.0k
Utility Moderate $8.5k
Utility Complex $11.5k


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