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GLOSSARY of Useful Terms:


A patent application becomes abandoned for failure to file a complete and proper reply as the condition of the application may require within the time period provided under the code of Federal Regulations unless an Office action indicates otherwise

abstract of the disclosure

A concise statement of the technical disclosure including that which is new in the art to which the invention pertains


changes made to the drawings or disclosure of a patent application before or during patent prosecution

american invents act AIA

2011 law passed by Congress and signed by President Obama making various major changes to US patent law; most notably the US system has been changed from a first to invent to first to file patent system


a request to overturn the patent examiner's rejection of the subject claims of an application


Inventor or joint inventors who are applying for a patent on their own invention or other parties that can file on the behalf thereof

application (patent)

a description including any necessary drawings, legal documents such as oath or declaration for concepts filed under 35 USC 111 (a) includes utility, design, plant, reissue applications

application data sheet

a form provided by the USPTO having various entry blocks for obtaining bibliographic and demographic information relating to the application

application number

a unique serial number attached to the application at filing having a 2 digit serial code and 6 digit sequence number


recipient of the property rights transferred in an assignment of a patent or application thereof


a transfer of patent rights from one person or party to another


grantor of a property right in an assignment of a patent or application thereof

benefit claim

claim by applicant for an earlier effective filing date using a previous provisional, non provisional or international application

Board of Patent Appeals & Interferences (BPAI)

judicial organization typically made of three judges that receive requests for appeals from patent examiner rejections


the metes and bounds of an invention; in a utility patent these are numbered at the end of the body of the patent and in a design application the drawings themselves are the claims

code of federal regulations (CFR)

a group of codes relating to various federal responsibilities; 37 CFR refers to the implementation of patent laws into executive code for day to day operation of the patent system

confirmation number

a code used by the patent office to ensure the integrity of each action in combination with the application number of a subject application


a statement by an inventor that he or she is an inventor of the invention described in the disclosure of the application, what citizenship he or she has, that he understands the contents of the specification and claims, and acknowledge the duty to disclose information relating to patentability

dependent claim

a subordinate claim that refers back to a preceding claim

design patent application

an application type that deals solely with the ornamental cosmetic appearances of the item


a complete description of the concept of the invention for which patent protection is desired


a list of enumerated patent application in a queue pending patent examiner action

electronic filing system (EFS)

the electronic filing system of the US patent system


the way which an invention is manufactured, utilized or otherwise operated

file wrapper

folder containing all electronic papers relating to an application

filing date

the date that the required elements of an application are received in the USPTO

group art unit (GAU)

a group of patent examiners organized around a logical set of related technologies

information disclosure statement

a document relating to patents or patent applications that an applicant believes are related to his or her invention; applicant has a duty to disclose all information that he or she knows are related to the invention


illegal manufacture, use, sale of any patented invention

issue date

the date upon which a patent issues

maintenance fees

fees required by the USPTO to maintain the effect of a granted patent at 3.5, 7.5, and 11.5 years after the issuance of a patent

non-final office action

a patent examiner action having various objections and or rejections that must be responded to by the applicant; the specifciation, claims, abstract and other parts of the application can be affected by the action

non-provisional patent application

an application for patent that can be examined for patentability and can mature to a 20 year patent; this type of application must have a specification, claims, drawings and an abstract; additionally, it must have an oath or declaration and the requisite filing fee


a property right granted by a government to an inventor to prevent others from making or selling an items in exchange for the public disclosure of the concept so as to further arts after the expiration of the patent

patent application publication

pre-grant publication of an application at 18 months from the priority date

patent pending

phrase meaning that an application has been filed at a governmental agency (in America the USPTO) seeking to protect the patent rights of an invention


the disclosure in a utility patent having an adequately written description that is enabling of the invention so that one can make and or use the invention as described

utility patent

is granted to someone who creates a novel, non-obvious article, process, machine, composition of matter or improvement thereof
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