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Resources PatentCEO



Assignments (USPTO) Electronic Patent Assignment System 

Copyrights   US Copyright Office 

EFS-Web Electronic Filing System Start Page

Fee Schedule USPTO Fee Schedule

Forms 1 USPTO Patent Forms for Applications Filed  On Or After September 16, 2012

Forms 2 USPTO Patent Forms for Applications Filed  Before September 16, 2012

Gene Sequences Publication Site for Issued and Publishes Sequences (PSIPS)

Laws 35 USC Consolidated Patent Laws

Maintenance Fees Maintenance Fees Portal Due at 3.5, 7.5 and 11.5 years after issuance.

MPEP Manual of Patent Examine Procedure

PCT Patent Cooperation Treaty at the USPTO : International Filing 

Private Pair Securely access information on your pending patent application; Private Pair is used by registered users.

Public Pair For documents and status on publicly available patents and applications

Rules CFR Code of Federal Regulations Appendix 37 : Consolidated Patent Rules United States Patent and Trademark Office Home Page


WIPO World International Property Organization : Handles PCT Patent Cooperation Treaty Filings

Articles PCT Articles

Forms PCT Forms

Guide PCT Applicants Guide

Nations Contracting States


China Chinese Patent Office

EPO European Patent Office

JAPIO Japanese Patent Information

KIPO Korean Intellectual Property Office

RosPatent Russian Patent Office

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