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The following patents are examples of various types of technologies that Patent CEO Phillip Vales and other personnel have been involved with over the years.  These include exemplary patents in diverse subject matter and technical complexity ranging from basic to extremely complex.  Amongst the subject matter that the team has been involved with in some capacity during their career are: mechanical, electrical, medical, software, telecommunications, chemical compositions of matter, simple devices and more. Also, here are some relevant reviews describing some of the experiences with Patent CEO Phillip Vales and the team at Patent CEO: Phillip Vales Review or Philip Vales Review or Patent CEO Review or PatentCEO Review

Patent CEO Philip Vales Review


US Patent No. 9,793,665 : Bar Juice Electronic Device Connection System by Eric Hernandez. The inventor wanted a user to be able to easily access a cell phone, music player or similar device power port at an restaurant or bar where space is at a premium.  His solution provides for a multi-stage cascading power strip that feeds off of a previous stage.  Additionally, the strips are situated unobtrusively under the countertop so as to minimize impact upon the user’s consumption of food and drink.  Power inputs are initially based on a Non-USB power level then adjusted to an appropriate level for connection to the charging connector of individual USB device.  Download the patent Patent CEO Philip Vales Review or on google: PatentCEO Review_1.

Patent CEO Philip Vales Reviews
Patent CEO Philip Vales Review

Software ~ IBM

US Patent No. 5,761,407 : Message Based Exception Handler by Benson et al. IBM presented this patent for resolving exceptions in software routines. The process comprises a sequence of steps commencing with the detection of an exception in a program having identification with a stack frame having a plurality of activation records including a current activation record which is initially the program first activation record.  An error handler is invoked thereby trapping the program and creating an exception cause message which is linked to the first activation record.  At this point, the process queues the exception cause message to a first message queue found within the first activation record and then a check is made as to whether a pointer field indicates that the program has an exception handler associated therewith; the pointer field being found within the current activation record.

When there is no exception handler associated with the current activation record then the exception cause message is removed from the first message queue and queueing the exception cause message to a second message queue; the second message queue located in a second activation record having association with a second program.  As a consequence the second activation record becomes the current activation record.   The steps are repeated until a pointer field indicates that an exception handler is associated with said current activation record.  Then the exception handler is invoked and marking said current activation record thereby specifying that the running program must be stopped and terminating the running program by removing said current activation record from said stack.   Download the PDF from our site at this link: Patent CEO Philip Vales Review or text on google: PatentCEO Review_2A or PDF on google: Patent CEO Review _2B.

9700029 Mann Philip Vales Reviews
Patent CEO Phillip Vales Review

Electronic/ Mechanical

US Patent No. 9,700,029 : Dynamic Fishing Lure System and Method by Robert Mann.  The avid fisherman, and marketing manager created a fishing device having novelties in software, simple electronics, software, recharging devices and processes.  The invention is subject of three continuation cases regarding various aspects of the aforementioned.  In this particular application a recharging port is presented having electronics and processes associated with it. Download the patent Patent CEO Phillip Vales Review or on google: Patent CEO Review 3.

Patent CEO Phillip Vales Review

Software ~ Motorola

US Patent No.  6,004,027: Method and apparatus for constructing test subsequence graphs utilizing unique input/output sequence (UIO) sets.  Testing hardware, firmware, and software implementations of communications software, VLSI circuits, and rule based expert systems for conformance with specifications is critical in today’s drive for total quality assurance. For example, release of a faulty VLSI circuit can cost a company millions of dollars. Similarly, release of faulty software can have life threatening implications.

The complexity of modern hardware, software, and firmware has grown to the point that exhaustive testing, that is testing every testable aspect of a product is time consuming and difficult.  Additionally, it is often infeasible or impractical in many test situations to actually look into a circuit or software program to determine what its current status or state it is in. Rather, practicality requires that these machines be treated as black boxes where all that a tester has available at any time are the output responses from the machine received in response to stimuli presented to the machine by the tester.

In order to overcome the aforementioned, Motorola presented this patent by Sun et al. having a set of Unique Input/Output Sequence (UIO) Sets is identified for Finite State Machine (FSM) model (33) states. Each member of the Sets of UIO Sets is a UIO Set (63) which are sets of Input/Output (I/O) Sequences that each uniquely identifies FSM (33) states. FSM (33) state transitions are Edges-Under-Test (EUT). A Test Subsequence is constructed for each member of each UIO Set (63) selected for each EUT that includes the UIO Set member and the corresponding EUT. A Test Subsequence (TS) Graph (65) is constructed from the Test Subsequences by connecting Test Subsequence starting and ending states. A Verification Test Sequence for testing a Machine Under Test (14) for conformance with a FSM model (33) is constructed by touring the TS Graph (65).  Download the patent from our site at this link: Patent CEO Phillip Vales Review or text on google: Patent CEO Review 4 or PDF on google: Review_PhillipVales_CEO_Motorola.

US8303300 Pitnick Philip Vales Reviews
Review Patent CEO Philip Vales


US Patent No. 8,303,300 : Intermaxillary Fixation Bonded Bracket Assembly by Lewis Pitnick et al.  Mr. Pitnick noticed that when surgeons went to operate on persons having jaw fractures of various sorts they used various painful processes.  In particular, it was necessary to drill through the various bones to immobilize the mandible (the lower jaw) using various wires and other mountable devices.

This was an extremely dolorous, bloody and in the long term unsanitary solution; this because food and liquids ingested would tend to cling to the wires and devices thereby causing a maintenance problem during the wait for the bones to heal.  His solution included having an easy to mount and remove system using strong dental adhesives that would 1) forbid the need for bloody painful surgery; 2) permit the cleaning of the mouth; and 3) provide for an easily maintained system. Download the patent here on google : Phillip Vales Review 5 or here: Review Patent CEO Philip Vales.

Review Patent CEO Phillip Vales

IC Scan Testing ~Teradyne

US Patent No. 5,682,392: Method and apparatus for the automatic generation of boundary scan description language files by Raymond et al.   As it is difficult to generate BDSL files and few engineers are familiar with its syntax it is advantageous to have an automated process by which these files can be created on circuits with indeterminate configuration thereby avoiding unnecessary errors in the testing regime during the scan process.  Thus, Teradyne presented a method and apparatus for the automatic generation of boundary scan description language files for integrated circuits incorporating boundary scan circuitry of indeterminate configuration. The user enters basic pin information for the integrated circuit under consideration, along with an identification of which pins are the boundary-scan TAP pins and which are the power and ground pins. The user connects the pins of a sample integrated circuit to the test channels of the apparatus of the invention.

As a result a method automatically determines (1) the length of the instruction register; (2) the length of the boundary scan data register; (3) which pins of the integrated circuit are outputs and which pins are inputs, and which are I/O or tri-state outputs; (4) the order that the pins are represented in the boundary scan data register; (5) the identity of the control cells in the boundary scan data register that control I/O and tri-state pins, along with which pins each controls and the sign of the control; (6) the identity of the SAMPLE/PRELOAD instruction; and (7) the identity of the IDCODE instruction and ID code, if present. These parameters are expressed in standard language in a boundary-scan description language file for the integrated circuit under investigation, thus facilitating the use of known automatic program generation software to create test programs.  Download the patent from our site as a PDF here PatentCEO Phillip Vales Reviews 6A or on google as a PDF: Philip Vales Review 6B.

9138617 Duboy Philip Vales Reviews
Review Patent CEO Phillip Vales

Marine Electronic/ Mechanical

US Patent No. 9,138,617 Divers Propulsion System by Gustavo Duboy. This is a personal favorite as Mr. Duboy actually has another patent on another type of Divers Propulsion System that was featured in the James Bond action adventure “Thunderball.” The device permits a user to easily insert and remove his or her battery replacements within the confines of a battery compartment contained about the body of the electric motor providing the propulsion.  The unit is mounted on the back of a diver thereby providing forward motion through the propeller.  Download the patent here on google: Philip Vales Review 7A or here PatentCEO Phillip Vales Reviews 7B.

5726991 ATT Vales Review PatentCEO
5726991 ATT Vales Review PatentCEO

Telecom ~ ATT Global

US Patent No. 5,726,991 by Chen et al. A data communication method and apparatus includes an integral bit error rate test system. The system is adapted to receive digital data signals to be transmitted over a communication link and includes a transmitter for transmitting the data signals onto the link. A test signal pattern generator generates a determinable pattern of digital bit test signals which are insertable into an input of the transmitter in place of the digital data signals. A receiver is coupled to the link for receiving the bit test signals and for comparing the received pattern of the bit test signals to the determinable pattern. The bit error rate is computed from the number of bit differences between the transmitted test signals and the determinable pattern. Download the patent PDF from our site: Philip Vales Review 8A or download the PDF here from google: PatentCEO Phillip Vales Reviews 8B.

Patent CEO Reviews Philip Vales


US Patent No. 9,440,490 : Trailer Axle Repair Kit Having Spare Spindle and Flange Axle Assembly by Earland M. Crockett, Jr.  Mr. Crockett created a novel Spare Spindle Repair Kit and Assembly for when the regular one is broken on a vehicle. Download the patent here on google: Phillip Vales Review 9A or here Reviews Patent CEO Philip Vales 9B.

Intel-Trace Event Review PhilipVales
Intel-Trace Event Review PhilipVales

Software ~Intel Corp.

US Patent No. 5,751,942 : Trace Event Detection During Trace Enable Transition by Christensen et al.  The invention deals with testing and debugging using in-circuit emulation or a software debugger. A method and apparatus for providing trace fault information to a trace fault handler. The trace fault information is evaluated prior to beginning execution of a micro code flow. The evaluated trace fault information is stored in a buffer and the micro code flow is executed. While the micro code flow is executing, if a micro code instruction of the micro code flow is executed that enables tracing, the trace fault information stored in the buffer is written to a data storage area. The data storage area is accessible to the trace fault handler. Download the patent here on google as a PDF: Phillip Vales Review 10A or from our site as a PDF: Reviews Patent CEO Philip Vales 10B.

US Patent 9965978 Afanasiev PhilipVales Reviews
Patent CEO Reviews Phillip Vales


US Patent No. 9,965,978 : Air Conditioner Educational Demonstration System and Method of Operation by Dr. Michael E. Afanasiev.  Dr. “Michaels” created a system for permitting users to measure the amount of pressure throughout an air conditioner demonstration system at various points therein.  In this manner, students are able to learn about the appropriate pressures expected at nodes associated with the compressor, evaporator, condenser.  

Various valves are disposed through the Air Conditioning circuit along with appropriate gauges proximal thereto.  Finally, and most importantly, the system used compressed nitrogen instead of Freon or Puron so as to avoid freeze burn injuries of students and so as to prevent permanent damage to the environment.  Download the patent as a PDF from our site here: Reviews Phillip Vales Patent CEO 11A or as a PDF from google: Philip Vales Review 11B.

Xerox Protect 2D Codes -Burst Patterns Patent CEO Attorney Review
Xerox Protect 2D Codes -Burst Patterns Patent CEO Attorney Review

Error Correction ~Xerox

US Patent No. 5,771,245 : Process for Independently Protecting Two Dimensional Codes from One or more Burst Error Patterns by Xiao Zhang.  This invention relates to glyph codes for transferring machine readable digital information back and forth between the electronic domain and the hardcopy domain. More specifically, this invention pertains to methods and means for reducing the “hard error” (i.e., uncorrectable error) susceptibility of self-clocking glyph codes. All error correction computations for correcting decode errors that corrupt a binary message that is encoded in a two dimensional code, such as a two dimensional self-clocking glyph code, are performed on byte aligned (or, more generally, symbol aligned) symbol sets that span the message but no other variables. Download the patent as a PDF from google here: Phillip Vales Review 12A or from our site as a PDF here: Patent CEO Review 12B.

US8701311 Barnhart PhilipVales Reviews
Review Patent CEO Philip Vales


US Patent No. 8,701,311 : Top of the Boot by Laurel Barnhart.  This invention should be particularly pleasing to the fashion conscious amongst you.  Ms. Barnhart developed a line of decorative accessories that were simply attachable quite literally to the “Top of the Boot.”  Thus, various chains, ornaments and so forth could be deployed in unison with natural or synthetic furs to improve the appearance of a boot.  Download the patent here from google: Phillip Vales Review 13A or here Patent CEO Review 13B.

US Patent 5784551 Siemens Duplicate Control Processing

Telecom ~ Siemens Italy

US Patent No. 5,784,551 : Duplicate control and processing unit for telecommunications equipment by De Leva et al. A duplicate control and processing unit for telecommunications equipment consisting of two identical control units connected together is described. Each control unit (UC0, UC1) comprises a processing unit (UP0, UP1) which can be active or on standby, a peripheral data random access memory (RAM) for data processed during operation, and several peripheral circuits connected to the rest of the equipment.

An EPROM (erasable programmable read-only memory) (CCL0, CCL1) in each processing unit contains the copy selection firmware. The data RAM and the peripheral circuits include a respective double gate access circuit (ACC0, ACC1) which allows selective access to the active processor only. The latter performs the writing cycles synchronously on both the duplicate data RAMs, allowing fast recovery of the operative synchronism by the standby processing unit, after switching due to failure of the active processing unit (FIG. 2). Download the patent here as a PDF from google: Phillip Vales Review 14A or as a PDF from our site here: Patent CEO Review 14B.

Vacuum Brake Patent CEO Reviews Phillip Vales
Patent CEO Reviews


US Patent No. 9,162,848 : Vacuum Brake by Carlos Ascua et al.  A typical elevator cabin moves through the use of a pulley by cabling about the pulley attached to the top of the elevator cabin that has been suspended within a primary elevator shaft.  The other side of the cabling is attached to a counterweight suspended so that motors attached to the system can actuate motion of the elevator cabin thereby translating it within the primary elevator shaft.  This motion is of course directed by cabin passengers using the electronic controls present within the cabin to gain access to whatever floor they wish to go to.

In a Vacuum Elevator, however, the elevator cabin does NOT use a counterweight system to effect motion within the hoist way and maintain stability of the cabin.  Instead, a Vacuum Elevator uses air pressure to translate a cabin within a thoroughfare cylinder and is similar to the suction devices used by tellers at banks and similar locales.  Thus, the Vacuum Elevator presents unique challenges to the entire system including: controls, electronics, lifting, pumps, valves and braking systems.  This patent presents a novel Vacuum Brake designed to resolve various problems unique to this architecture.  Download the patent here from google: Philip Vales Review 15A or here Reviews Patent CEO 15B.

HydroQuebec Testing Unit for Station Comm Links PatentCEO Reviews

Testing Stations Com-links ~ Hydro-Quebec

US Patent No. 5,463,632 : Testing Unit by which Communication Links can be Selected and Tested, and Method thereof by Gilles Tremblay. A testing unit allows an operator to select and test communication links of a communication system between an intermediate station and remote stations. Each remote station contains another communication link for establishing a second communication system between the intermediate station and the remote stations. The testing unit contains a first communication link for receiving and transmitting signals generated from a computer. This first communication link is part of the second communication system. 

The testing unit also includes a control unit which is connected to the first communication link for receiving and transmitting signals therefrom, and a second communication link which is connected to the control unit for receiving and transmitting signals therefrom. The second communication link is part of the second communication system so that communication can be established between the computer and the remote stations via the intermediate station by means of the second communication system. 

Finally, the testing unit includes a switching system controlled by the control unit and interconnecting the corresponding communication links with a generating and measuring device, whereby the operator can select at least one of the links between the intermediate station and one of the remote stations by sending command signals via the second communication system, and monitor a test procedure on the link that has been selected via the second communication system. Download the patent from google as a PDF here: Phillip Vales Review 16A or as a PDF from our site here: Patent CEO Reviews 16B.

Review PatentCEO


US Patent No. 9,254,951 : Advanced Condiment Dispensing Device by Alyse N. Merritt. Believe it or not condiment dispensers are big business.  They can contain anything from ketchup, mustard, relish and mayonnaise to fragrances, lotions or deodorant.  This particular patent discusses having nozzle flug pairs that are formed opposite one another in a dual dispenser arrangement so that you can get both ketchup and mustard in one container body.  Download the patent from google as a PDF here: Phillip Vales Review 17 or as a PDF from our site here: Patent CEO Reviews 17B.

US Patent 5673389 Ford Patent CEO

Automotive ~ Ford

US Patent No. 5,673,389 : Methods and apparatus for resetting a monitored system using a gray code with alternating check bits by Weber et al.  Systems which progress through a series of states or program steps, such as software controlled computers, are monitored by means of a watchdog timer which samples at least two check bits generated by a system being monitored with the check bits being generated such that only one can change its logic state between valid samples of the check bits. The monitored system is reset if a fault within the system results in an error in the normal sequence through the series of states or program steps such that more than one of the check bits changes from sample to sample. In addition, if the sequence becomes static such that no bits change within the check bits from sample to sample, a time-out will occur which also resets the monitored system. Preferably, the check bits are generated in accordance with Gray code. Download the patent from google as a PDF here: Phillip Vales Review 18A or as a PDF from our site here: Patent CEO Reviews 18B.

PatentCEO Reviews

Composition of Matter

US Patent No. 9079806 : Eco-Plant Aid by Kenneth W. Hall.  Various types of environmental factors impact citrus and other types of fruit plants such as wind, rain and living transmitters of disease.  Chief among these are viruses, pathogens, bacteria and fungi that can engender diseases and cause damaging effects on the tree or plant.  Further, there are many insects that consume vegetation additionally weakening the plant system or even facilitating the transmission of the aforementioned viruses, pathogens, bacteria and fungi.

In particular the Canker and the Greening diseases have impacted Asia and America which has resulted in the application of copper sprays with little positive impact.  The inventor created a unique powdered solution that has both nutritional benefit and pathogenic elimination properties; thus, the plant or tree receiving application is strengthened so that when the disease or organism is destroyed it continues to live.  Download the patent here PatentCEO Reviews 19A or from google: Philip Vales Review 19B.

PatentCEO Reviews

Synopsys ~ Software Testing

US Patent No.  5778169 : Computer system having improved regression testing by Tilman Reinhardt.  A method of testing a computer program in a computer system is described. The computer system includes a source code corresponding to the computer program, and a number of tests. The method includes the following steps. A coverage point is inserted into the source code to correspond to a statement in the source code. An executable, corresponding to the source code, is executed using the tests. This generates a result. The result is used to generate a subset of tests that executed the coverage point and tested the statement. Test a second executable using the subset of tests. The second executable corresponds to the source code.  Download the patent here as a PDF from our site:  PatentCEO Reviews 20A or from google as a PDF here: Philip Vales Review 20B.

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